Българската федерация на индустриалните енергийни консуматори
Деиндустриализацията на Европа трябва да бъде спряна! За прибавяне на нова цел към 20-20-20, а именно 20% принос на индустрията в БВП през 2020!
2014 Annual Regional Forum Natural Gas:"Infrastructure, Markets and Services"
The most important meeting for the industry will take place on 23 September 2014 (do not miss your chance to get a seat)

Regional interconnectivity – a never-ending story

Diversification of supply routes

Status of the main infrastructure projects

Impact of Ukraine gas crisis on security of supply

Establishment of a functioning regional gas market

Market specifics (imports and key price drivers)

Energy regulation (network codes, rules and procedures)

Indigenous natural gas production (conventional and unconventional sources)